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THIS is what you need to do RIGHT NOW if you are thinking about selling your Crystal Lake house this

Sell Crystal Lake house

In order to sell your house in the known-to-be-HOT Spring housing market, you must list your house BEFORE Spring. We recommend listing in early FEBRUARY (Yes! February). You'll be one of the first on the market while inventory is still low and there isn't as much competition. THESE ARE THE THINGS YOU NEED TO DO: 1) DE-CLUTTER and CLEAN An empty, less distracting house feels larger and is easier for a home buyer to imagine their things in the space.

Get some boxes or bins and pack up whatever decorations on shelves/tables etc that you don't need. Then HIDE IT ;) Under the bed. In the garage. or even rent a storage unit if you have too. This is a great time to DONATE unused clothes, toys, decor that you no longer need or love. 2) FIND OUT HOME VALUE You need to know what your house would sell for in the current market and current condition. Let a professional help you figure out pricing strategies. There are a number of factors that come into play when pricing a home (our specialty!).

Outside of the typical things we consider (like what similar houses have sold for recently, what's currently on the market, are trends going up or down...) some other things that we take into consideration are: -Do you need to sell FAST or do you have time? -Do you want to make any updates? If so, which ones would actually be worthwhile (make back more than you spend) ...GET ADVICE ON THIS. We can tell you what buyers are looking for in your type of house/neighborhood/price point.

3) RE-ARRANGE BACK TO A NORMAL HOUSE ;) If you have a dining room that you have converted into a playroom, then put the dining table back in there like a normal house.

Most buyers CANNOT imagine a room being used in any other way than they see it. So make it look functional and spacious! CRYSTAL LAKE/ LITH/ ALGONQUIN AREA LOCALS: We can help you personally with ALL of this! Get in touch if you'd like us to come buy for a quick walk through and pricing consultation (it's free!). Give us a call or Click here for more info (Not local? We can also refer you to an agent anywhere in the country) Thanks! Dave and Kelly Agents of Keller Williams Success Realty 43 E. Crystal Lake Ave. Crystal Lake, IL 60014 815-507-2229 Get to know us better: Facebook YouTube

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