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With a passion for all things REAL ESTATE (buying, selling, renovating, investing) we are more than prepared to help you with the best strategies for buying and selling properties in McHenry and Lake Counties, IL. 

We offer a unique (and FREE) Full Service Buying Program if you are looking to buy a home. We'll even arrange contractors and share renovation ideas and estimates to turn an ugly house into your dream they do on TV!

Ready to sell? Check out our Selling Process. We have you covered with best practices for a quick and (nearly) painless sale. Set up a consultation to find out what your house is worth.


Kelly Davis


Hi everyone, it's Kelly.  Like most things I do in life I got started in Real Estate by accident.  A friend of mine talked me into doing a class with her.  For fun and since I really enjoyed our buying process I got started and haven't turned back.  

I have a huge passion for helping people fix or update minor things in their house to maximize the selling value.  We have a great team that we work with and promise to get you top value for your house.  

If you love to DIY, you found the right girl.  Lets see some houses and talk a little HGTV!


Dave Davis


Hi, I'm Dave!  I have been in business since 2003.  I own a strength and conditioning business.  I joined Kelly in the real estate world when our kids started school full time.  Since buying our first house (a major renovation project) I got hooked on finding great properties with huge potential.  


Along the way, I learned how to do most renovation work and have a great team that does all I can't.  I love looking at properties that might take a little work to make your own.  I can help you price out what it might cost to fix and make it your dream.  

Of course we always love a completly updated house too, so we are more than happy to help you find those :)

Ready to Buy or Sell? Contact us!

Dave and Kelly Davis

Call or Text: 815-546-7621


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