THIS is what you need to do RIGHT NOW if you are thinking about selling your Crystal Lake house this

In order to sell your house in the known-to-be-HOT Spring housing market, you must list your house BEFORE Spring. We recommend listing in early FEBRUARY (Yes! February). You'll be one of the first on the market while inventory is still low and there isn't as much competition. THESE ARE THE THINGS YOU NEED TO DO: 1) DE-CLUTTER and CLEAN An empty, less distracting house feels larger and is easier for a home buyer to imagine their things in the space. Get some boxes or bins and pack up whatever decorations on shelves/tables etc that you don't need. Then HIDE IT ;) Under the bed. In the garage. or even rent a storage unit if you have too. This is a great time to DONATE unused clothes, t

We Sell Houses FAST

Watch this success story of how we sold a Crystal Lake house in 12 HOURS. We are listing and social media marketing experts. We don't wait around for the MLS or a yard sign to sell houses. Get in touch if you are thinking about selling this year and we'd love to make a success story out of your move too! Thanks for watching! Dave and Kelly Davis Call or Text: 815.507.2229 Email:

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